Providing scholarships to deserving students in the culinary and hospitality arts is at the core of our mission.


As of June 5, 2017, CHEF initiated a new way to serve Collier and Lee County students who will become our next generation of professionals in the culinary and hospitality arts. It formed an important alliance with the Community Foundation of Collier County by starting the “CHEF (Culinary & Hospitality Education Foundation) Scholarship Fund,” which is managed by the Community Foundation of Collier County County.

In so doing, CHEF agreed to be part of the Community Foundation’s acclaimed scholarship program, the Scholarship Connector, the most complete online resource for scholarships available to our community where students’ backgrounds and educational plans are matched with scholarship details and applications. Says Community Foundation Education / Scholarship Director Sharon Bayata, “The Scholarship Connector gives all students–no matter their background–an efficient way to research and narrow their search. Some students don’t know where to begin, but with a tool like this at their fingertips, they’ll be more willing to try.”


In addition to the above Scholarship Program, CHEF has had agreements since 2007 with the following institutions, authorizing them to manage and administer funds we give them for scholarships. Students from Collier or Lee Collier may apply directly to these institutions.


The following are expressions of gratitude received from three of our past scholarship recipients

“I can’t explain just how much your scholarship will help me this year. As of right now I owe the college money towards my tuition, and that is not including the necessary textbooks and materials I will need to complete the two semesters successfully It was a great relief and stress reducer to see that you had once again offered to help me.

“My family is very proud of me, as I am the first to go off to college. In just one more year I will begin a legacy for the generations to come. Thank you for this seed you have planted in my education as it will bloom into the beautiful flower that will be my life and career.

“The support that you have provided goes further than anything financial. It touches me emotionally knowing that there is that extra group of people who care to see me achieve academically and professionally, and I thank you for that.”